Awaken to your inner wisdom




Hey babe,

I’ve been a doula for my entire life. Even before I knew what this term was. Even before I had a baby, and even before I knew where babies come from.

To nurture is my nature, for as long as I can remember. Finding this path after the birth of my daughter was like crashing into a brick wall and walking away buzzing rather than bruised. I found my calling in this work and as sacred as it is, it feels like second nature to me.

As your birth doula, we’ll cover all of the basics like your birth preferences, comfort measures during labor, and postpartum plans.

But together, we’re going to go a bit deeper, because all of the tactile things and the plans and the props don’t matter if you, your baby, your support system, and your providers aren’t in alignment. So we’ll also focus on releasing anxieties, going over any past experiences or preconceived ideas about birth, being present throughout your experience, nurturing yourself on soulful+cellular level, setting intentions, and then relaxing into the flow of it all.


I am fully committed to you no matter what kind of birth you desire. I am here for you as your friend, support system, gentle guide, strong reassurance, and biggest confidant.


The way I love and care for my clients are tailored to their specific needs. I don’t believe in the one size fits all package that many birth workers use. I invest in you, you invest in me.

It’s an electric exchange of energy, a balanced partnership.

In addition to ongoing text+phone support we will meet up a few times in your pregnancy to build trust and connection, do deep, internal work, have a lot of fun, and prep for your birth.



Want to keep me in your pocket for your postpartum journey too? Beautiful! As with all of the services I offer, the same principles apply.

We don’t just prep, we go deeper, together. I’ll help you tackle things like baby wearing, light house work and errands, breastfeeding, and having support systems in place. But, to ensure you’re covered in the clean up and maintenance of not just the home, but the body and spirit, I’ll also be adamant in the ways I make sure you are feeling emotionally held and physically nourished. We will create systems suited for your family so that you have the space to make the journey from maiden to mother as blissful, sacred, and supported as it should be.

My support looks different for every one of my clients, but one thing you can be sure of is that I will show up with every ounce of my love and support, knowledge and experience. I only take up to 2 doula clients a month to ensure I am ully invested in YOU.


Ready to take the next step and connect? Wanting to learn a little bit more and see if we’re the right fit? Great! I can’t wait to hear from you. Enter your details below and I’ll get back to you with my current packages and pricing.

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