I can't express in words how grateful I am to be able to guide birthing people and their partners through the labyrinth of birth and postpartum. I love so much about this work- from meeting new, like-hearted individuals, to advocating for them in a sea of medical professionals, to bearing witness to the power of women and babies- it feels like much more of a calling than a career. Above all, the thing about this work that brings me back again and again- is the opportunity to hold space for powerful transformations to take place. Birth in its self is transformative, however, the experience and the way the birthing person is supported through that experience dictates whether this transformation is one of awakening and empowerment or of confusion and even trauma (or somewhere in between.) It’s my goal to assist with everything I have that my clients experience the former. My vision is to inspire the people I work with to go inside themselves, to reconnect with their inner voice and their truth, to take control of their birth and use it as a catalyst for love, growth, and the long, but beautiful parenting journey ahead. I’m so grateful to walk this path with many families and would be grateful to chat more about how I can best serve each of you in this intimate time.

If you decide to take me on as your doula, you can expect us to spend a suitable amount of time together during your pregnancy. We'll get super comfortable with each other, chat about your past experiences with birth, and work through any fears or concerns that you or your partner might have. I can help you to choose a care model and provider that aligns with your values and ideas of how you want your birth to look, and help you build a strong pathway for an experience that feels most fulfilling to you.

We'll go over strategies for tapping into your inner wisdom and the power of a positive mindset. We'll talk birth preferences, engage in education of the "nitty gritty" (everything from hospital policies to newborn procedures to breastfeeding), and most importantly- enjoy this beautiful journey from maiden to mother, together. 

As your doula I am fully committed to you no matter what kind of birth you desire. I am here for you as your friend, support system, gentle guide, strong reassurance, and biggest confidant. 

I'm thrilled to be able to offer my services in a wide range of support options: from beautiful and basic birth support- to investing in your village, you have the opportunity to create your desired care.