Allison is a birth doula, yoga teacher, reiki practitioner, and an aromatherapist. Her approach to her birth work is calm and grounded, using her intuition to help guide women and their birth teams through their birth experiences.

Deeply sensitive and in tune with others emotions and feelings- this allows her to create meaningful connections with her clients and offer compassionate care throughout her time with them.

She uses her growing education to provide evidence based information while inspiring and encouraging clients to listen to their bodies and recognize their inner wisdom.  

Allison’s own journey to motherhood led her to recognize the importance of a positive birthing experience and the truth that how we feel before, during, and after delivery can create a domino effect on our self image and self worth for the rest of our lives. It is her mission to aid women in feeling powerful, beautiful, and like the Goddess that they are.  Allison's experience with essential oils, energy work, yoga, and holistic remedies allows her to provide a wide range of support offered with an open mind, loving hands, and a confident presence.

She is a proud full spectrum doula and is honored to work with some of the most authentic, beautiful, and diverse people in the Eastern Pennsylvania area. To learn more about Allison’s services, her own experience, and how she can serve you- visit the “offerings” tab.