Birth photography

Are you interested in having your birth captured in high quality images? Birth photos can help you relive some of your most transformative, powerful moments of your life- The first time you laid eyes on your beautiful baby. You and your partner in the intimate, deep labyrinth of labor. Your husband becoming a father. Your baby's first latch. All of these moments and more deserve to be captured and treasured forever.

As of right now, we are offering photography to doula clients ONLY. Thank you for understanding.

Birth Photography Add On- $450

  • Intermittent labor photography (my role as a doula will come before my desire to get the "best shot" these two roles will be managed with skill, grace, and ease.)
  • Immediate birth photography (as soon as the baby is placed on your chest, your oxytocin filled reactions, as well as any others on your birth team)
  • First latch or first feed photography and infant bonding captured up until 2 hours after birth, when you are both ready for some quiet time
  • All images, carefully edited to reflect the magic of the moment, on a flash drive or shared in a virtual folder