My husband and I are soooo happy we hired Allison as our doula. From the first meeting, we knew we picked the right person to help with the birth of our son. She was very accommodating and flexible when scheduling our prenatal visits and came with so much information for us to review. Our son, Rees, was born March 11th and with the help of Allison we were able to follow our birth plan which was a natural child birth with us laboring at home as long as possible. Leading up to the day of labor Allison would check in to see if I was showing signs of labor. Once contractions had started she would follow up to see how I was managing them and their timing. She also let me know she was ready to go whenever I needed her. Allison met us at our house where I labored until contractions were ~3 min apart. During that time she talked us through pain management techniques/positions and gave us reassurance. When we got to the hospital I was 10cm dilated and Rees was born 30min later. Allison stayed until we were all settled and even assisted when it was time for Rees to breastfeed. I would highly recommend Allison as a doula. Her calm and caring nature made all the difference on our special day and my husband can not stop telling everyone how awesome she was!"


Allison Wharton