"Being a first time mother, as most of you know, is terrifying. After my first trimester I knew I needed moral support from someone that was an outsider. Someone that stood by any decision I made. Allison respected every opinion I had, while letting me know the most important part was both my baby and I would be happy & healthy. I had full intention of going natural (no medication to manage pain) with my labor and delivery. Sure enough I got to the hospital, and when I was 6cm dilated I decided I wanted the epidural. Allison reminded me of my plan, but supported my decision completely. Through 48 hours she remained by my side comforting me with massages, double- hip squeezes, and sitting with me in the shower/bath. Allison is an amazing friend, and doula. I couldn’t ask for anything more… forever grateful for my experience with her!!! <3 much love to all the mamas reading this, I highly recommend this beautiful soul!!"


Allison Wharton